Bronx kidpreneur twin create learning support workbook, flash cards, club for kids

Bronx kidpreneur twin create learning support workbook, flash cards, club for kids

Moses Kuwema


Disability is not inability, so goes the saying and the 12-year-old Dowe twins, Princeton and Brazil from the Bronx are a perfect example.

Princton and Brazil Dowe, managed to beat all the odds when they were born prematurely at 27 weeks old, weighing less than four pounds combined. 

The twins were also recently diagnosed with an unidentifiable disability recently. 

However, this did not discourage Princeton and Brazil who ventured into entrepreneurship following the start of the coronavirus in 2020.

"In these uncertain times, many people have gone the entrepreneurship route to make an income. They started their business due to a need… a need in the heat of the moment to survive. However, you also have some people such as the Dowe Twins, 12-year-old entrepreneurs for seven years old launch a new product for kids during these uncertain times," according to a statement by Sharon Devonish Leid, the CEO of NetStrucPR LLC who is also the twins' Publicity Strategist .  

"Princeton and Brazil Dowe are youth entrepreneurs who saw a need to create a learning support workbook, flash cards and club for kids who just didn’t see learning as a fun time anymore, especially since the quarantine and remote school work.The workbook and flashcards “Think You’re Smarter Than The Dowe Twins” is a supportive learning tool with trivia questions and answers for kids third grade and up (adults can use if too)."  

Leid stated that the workbook is tied to flashcards and a membership to the Dowe Twins Club which is monthly events with all their friends.  

"This is not just about the workbooks, its about realizing that there are so many kids that are suffering and just need some positive reinforcement and that’s where the Dowe Twins comes in with their workbooks and positive messages they post weekly on their social media pages “MindfulMondays” @dowetwins.  What great set of young people to give encouragement out to other young people.  The Twins were dealing with their own learning challenges and was diagnosed with an unidentifiable disability.  However, that never stopped them for succeeding," Leid stated.

Leid stated that in 2021, the Dowe twins would be working on their own TV show on Bronx Net, talking with other kidpreneurs about what they do and what they do to have fun.  She stated that the twins would also continue to give back to their communities with food drives, clean ups and promote positive attitudes to everyone who crosses their paths. 

On how it all started, Leid stated that losing out the October 2020 National Youth Confidence Day and starting November 1, 2020 as National Authors Day, the Dowe twins began their entrepreneurship at the age of seven years old.  

She stated that Princeton and Brazil launched their new business workbook last year on November 1, 202

"At the age of seven (7) years old, Princton and Brazil started Water2Kids water company to educate and encourage kids that hydration is an important part of being healthy.  Why did eight-year-old kids decide on going into a water business? Both kids kept hearing and seeing friends of theirs suffering from obesity and not being healthy.  Kids were suffering from diabetes and other illnesses related to not being healthy and they wanted to do something to change the narrative, thus Water2Kids was born," Leid stated. "With support from their parents, The Dowe twins were able to launch their water product and have them distributed in stores within the Bronx and Mt. Vernon local grocery stores.  Their “Movement” was based on the word “HYDRATE” Help Youth Develop Real Awareness Through Education.  Water2Kids was their first taste of real entrepreneurship."

Leid stated that as the Dowe twins became more and more youth business figures and kid advocates, their passion to keep spreading a positive message grew more and more.  

"They started writing books on water and how siblings really act.  Although it was just adding onto their platform of entrepreneurship, they began to get more involved with community projects and a give back.  Just recently, they organized a community clean up and on a weekly basis they participate with a local food bank and help give food out to those in need," she stated. 

Leid stated that when the Dowe twins were diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder, they became advocates for kids with unidentifiable disabilities.  

She stated that using their voice to keep kids positive and never give up, the Dowe twins give motivational tips on their social media platforms IG @TheDoweTwins FB @TheDoweTwinsfor kids and anyone.  

Leid stated that each week, the twins usually have a different motivational message as well as showing some of their successes despite their unidentifiable disability, which does not determine who they are and what they can accomplish.  

"They developed a fun learning supportive Trivia Workbook and Flashcards bungle “Think You’re Smarter Than The Dow Twins” The Workbook and Flashcards is based on Trivia, it is to encourage all kids that learning can be fun, especially if they do it the Dowe Twins way. Also, once the bundle is purchased, each kid is enrolled in The Dowe Twins Club. This club gives kids many opportunities to engage with new things, participate in trivia parties and receive prizes," Leid stated. 

Parkchester Times recently caught up with the twins and they were quick to point out that, “Learning does not have to be boring nor hard. Everyone learns differently, we do and we figured out how to make it fun The Dowe twins way."

Asked on how it has been like since launching their entrepreneurship skills , Brazil responded; "We are having fun."

Princeton added, "We saw problems and we started creating solutions. Kids were not learning and they were going through stuff so we wanted to provide a solution to help the kids."

Brazil said the twins hope to be the new household names after they launch their TV shows on the Bronx Net TV.

On how they divide their time between school and their business ventures, Brazil who together with her brother are in sixth grade, said they usually do their business activities on weekends.

"Because of COVID-19, we have had to slow down on interactions," she said. Princeton added, "We do find time to do other things, like I was thinking of skateboarding. We go to school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We don’t go to school Monday and Friday." 

On the reaction they have gotten from their friends in school since launching their business initiatives, Brazil said, "Some of our friends at school are proud of us but some of them are a little jealous but overall they’re really happy for us. The people who are buying our book are more of strangers and not people that we know." 

Princeton also added, "There are more people that we don’t know buying than those we know. It makes us feel proud that other people we don’t know appreciate what we do.

Our teachers were like wow! Cool. How can I get one for my nephew, daughter, and son? It’s been a great response."

Princeton said when he is not involved in his school work or business ventures, he plays video games with his friends but that because of COVID-19, he has had to minimize his interactions with friends.

The twins who have an older sibling, said they have been getting a lot of support from their parents whom they said helped them with the workbook.

Asked on their future plans, the twins responded, "We hope to be a household brand after completing high school, by being everywhere."