Bronxite complains lack of hot water at NYCHA

Bronxite complains lack of hot water at NYCHA

Moses Kuwema


Princess Spand, a resident at the Marble Hill development housing in the Bronx has bemoaned the lack of hot water at the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).

In a statement, Princess who is the daughter of the late beloved Castle Hill development Tenant Association president Roxanne Reid, the Marble Hill housing development has been giving its residents less heat.

"Our hot water be iced cold like 5am-sometimes throughout the day. We have elderly tenants and babies and grown adults,and we shouldn't have to live like this.

What is nycha doing with our hot water and heat? We pay our rent and we deserve to have our hot water and our heat. We need to hold housing accountable. I also have a tenant that resides in clinton houses development complaining about how her hot water is cold," Princess stated.

Princess, who has ambitions of becoming an activist for all development stated that something needed to be done about the situation and that it could be that the boiler was messed up and needs to be worked.

"Let's fix this situation and get it resolved or we will go further with nycha to get things done. Marble hill development hot water is constantly cold. How do us tenants,really have to deal with this in the winter time? Its freezing in the apartments at times as well," Princess said. "I feel its not fair to us tenants that we have to live like this. Also I feel that housing is not doing their job at at all. Housing is very lazy. Some people have to go to work and how do they wash if we can't shower with no water? They need to fix this something needs to get done. About this hot water being cold. Housing needs to get on top of their jobs immediately to fix this issue with the hot water tank." 

And Princess has endorsed the candidature of Michael Johnson to take over as Castle Hill Public Housing Tenants Association president from her Mother, Roxanne. 

"I feel that Roxanne Reid Foxy Roxy had a great legacy and uphold castle Hill development like no other has ever done. With that being said, she has worked with Micheal Johnson, who is her vice president. Who was her right hand. In every way," stated Princess. "Micheal johnson was her backbone. He has done above and beyond with my mother Roxanne Reid Foxy Roxy. Micheal Johnson as the vice president has seen and learned by example of Roxanne Reid how to work in the community and to handle  the community. He has watched Roxanne Reid and learned from her on what to do. Micheal Johnson is the perfect Role model for a leadership. In continuing the Legacy of Roxanne Reid, and he will continue to run the castle hill houses development. In the full capacity of a great role leading the legacy of Roxanne Reid."

And Princess hoped that the Basketball court in the park at the Castle Hill housing that her mother had redone and worked would be renamed after her as a way of honoring her legacy.