She Refused to Get Up. We Refused to Standby Silently.

She Refused to Get Up. We Refused to Standby Silently.
Press Conference at City Hall

Bronx, New York, 08/28/2019, --Honorable Claudette Colvin, the most iconic living legend in the nation, has proudly called New York City home since 1957. She spent all her employment days in New York. She had never demanded favor or asked for special treatment. As a matter of fact, the majority of New Yorkers still do not know who she is much less her contributions, this includes religious, school and political leaders. However, as much as she loves New York City, the Bronx in particular, her age-related health issues have been making it difficult for the last several years to continue on her residency here independently. As a result, her family has now decided it would easier for them to help her if she is with them in Montgomery, Alabama, her birthplace.

So if politics deny her equal treatment of not approving "Claudette Colvin Plaza" application in Corey Jonson's hands for over a year now because of her race, here in the city she loves with all her heart, all the current City Council members are guilty of discrimination. Mr. Corey Johnson, New York doesn’t need George Wallace clone in 2019. 

She is leaving New York for good in less than two months. Her 80th birthday is on Thursday, September 5, 2019. While several council members have graciously reached out to us for help since our press release went public a few days ago, we’re still going ahead with our planned press conference on the steps of City Hall on Thursday, September 5, 2019, 2:00-3:00 PM sharp. 

New Yorkers of all backgrounds are cordially invited for this historic moment that shall never come again, in order to show the city council we care about equal treatment of all in the Big Apple. Bring your children to be part of history. Ms. Colvin is not your ordinary constituent. She is the most important New York City resident alive. Thank you and God bless! #claudettecolvinplaza #claudettecolvin #parkchester #nycproud #nyccouncil #ilovethebronx #nyc #parkchestertimes

Claudette Colvin Day Committee