TODAY, October 29th, Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer announced that his office has helped over 30,000 constituents since he took office in January 2010. Some notable constituent service achievements include: assisting a constituent with his immigration case to avoid deportation and earn citizenship, getting an additional school safety officer assigned to PS 11, changing MTA construction time to ease early morning noise pollution, securing thousands of dollars in reimbursements for constituents from overzealous city violations, replacing essential kitchen appliances in public housing units, reinstating constituents’ health insurance, and taking action to remedy daily pedestrian safety issues.


Here is a breakdown of all the cases the Council Member’s office has handled in the last nine years:

2010: 1,571 cases

2011: 2,822 cases

2012: 3,626 cases

2013: 3,543 cases

2014: 4,012 cases

2015: 3,803 cases

2016: 4,119 cases

2017: 4,246 cases


“My job is to work hard every day and to deliver results. My staff works just as hard and cares deeply about the people we serve,” said Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer. “Constituent services have always been at the heart of our operation and we are all proud to have helped thousands of constituents in Sunnyside, Woodside, Long Island City, and Astoria on cases ranging from immigration and education issues to potholes and tax refunds, improving countless lives and bettering our community in the process.”


Here is a small sample of some of the lives touched by the Council Member’s office:


“On February 10, 2012 about 9 am, a U.S. Immigration & customs enforcement officer came to my Sunnyside apartment & took me away with a final order of deportation. Because my political asylum case was rejected and not followed up on properly. I was taken to the Essex county correction facility in Newark, NJ. That was a very critical situation facing my wife Fariha Anwar and my three daughters Afnan Faiza, then 6, and twins Afrina Farah & Afsa Zarah (then 19 months old). On 11 February 2012 my wife first contacted our city councilman Jimmy Van Bramer's office. My wife explained the whole critical immigration situation in front of Jimmy's office staff. She said she needed their help. Thank God Council member Van Bramer & staff tried their best to help me & my family and solved the problem. 45 days later I was released from the New Jersey detention center. Now I'm a US citizen and for first time I am going to vote this November. I am so excited about it,” said Mohammad Anwarul Islam, resident of Sunnyside. “First I would like to say Thanks Almighty Allah, my family members, friends and my city council man Jimmy Van Bramer and his wonderful office staff. Also others who helped me with my critical situation. Thanks Jimmy, Almighty Allaha bless you and your family.”


“We adopted our daughter from the City's foster care system. Our daughter required special ed from a private school because the City could not address her needs. Although the Department of Education had agreed to pay, they were almost a year behind in reimbursing us for tens of thousands of dollars. We were overextended financially and borrowing from family when we contacted Councilmember Van Bramer’soffice. Deborah Tharrington ensured that we were quickly reimbursed in full, which allowed us to focus on our daughter, where it should be,” said Ray Palermo, resident of Long Island City.     

“Thank you Jimmy for assisting me in obtaining a new stove. Without your assistance, I may have not received the stove. This was my third replacement. Thank you for all the hard work you continue to do for the community,” said Mannie C. Wilson, resident of Ravenswood Houses.

"As a parent of PS11Q, I was concerned when our school community lost one of its safety agents. We were getting nowhere with city agencies to replace this important role. A few days after mentioning the problem to Jimmy, his responsive and caring staff got in touch with me to resolve the matter. We're thrilled to now have Agent Moore on the team to greet our children and keep the building safe every day," said Nancy Kleaver, resident of Woodside.

“Jimmy Van Bramer gets things done! As a longtime resident of Astoria I have witnessed many changes in our neighborhood. The traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular has increased tenfold. I contacted Councilman Van Bramer's office with my concerns regarding cars and trucks speeding down my street and requested a speed bump be installed. Many children and teens walk down our street to get to local grade schools, junior high schools, and high school. In addition, homeowners use long driveways from the rear of their homes to access the street and speeding cars create a hazard. I thank Councilman Van Bramer, and his amazing staff, for his assistance. I encourage my fellow constituents to reach out to Councilman Van Bramer's office should they need guidance or assistance,” said Vinny Marsanico, resident of Astoria

“Thank you to Council Member Van Bramer and his wonderful office for all of the help I received dealing with getting permits for my business Sotto le Stelle located in Sunnyside, Queens. As soon as I reached out to him and his office for help, I was taken in for consideration right away, they went above and beyond and my case was resolved. I feel really proud of having a councilman that works for small businesses and Sunnyside with so much love and passion. Thanks again for all your help,” said Valerio Marchi and Michele Moreno, residents of Sunnyside.

“In 2016, the City put a lien on our condominium for unpaid property taxes from 2007-2008.  We would have paid the bill earlier but we didn't even know about it—the City had been sending the bill to the wrong person, at the wrong address, for eight years. Nonetheless, the City was demanding over $57,000 in late interest from us! Jimmy Van Bramer didn't let that happen.  After we explained the situation to him, he wrote the City a letter, explaining why it would be unfair to penalize us for the City's mistake. A few days later, the City dropped its demand for all that interest. Jimmy, I can't thank you and your staff enough for coming to bat for us when it mattered the most,” said Zachary Grendi, President of the Board of the 49-07 Condominium in Long Island City.

“Years ago, I received a violation from the NYC Department of Buildings. I had no idea why I got this violation for my property. I went back and forth many times and received different answers every time. I was confused and frustrated and I didn't know how to get right answer,” said Jian Qiong Wu, resident of Woodside. “In January 2018, I discovered Jimmy Van Bramer’s office while searching for a solution. I asked for their help with my problem and they introduced me to Aileen Sheil. I provided my information and the problem that I was trying to solve. After speaking to her, I knew I came to the right place and I could see a solution to my case. I trusted her. Every time I went to her office I would be welcomed with good news. Three months was all it took to solve the problem that plagued me for over eight years and to get my money back from the Environmental Control Board. I want it to be known that Jimmy Van Bramer’s office has been of tremendous help to me and can be of help to other constituents of the 26th district. Once again, thank you for all the help that you and your office have provided me.”


Council Member Van Bramer’s office continues to receive dozens of constituent services requests each week.