Cuomo calls on New Yorkers to be cautious amid drop in temperatures

Cuomo calls on New Yorkers to be cautious amid drop in temperatures
Governor Andrew Cuomo

By Moses Kuwema 


Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday, 29 January, continued to urge New Yorkers to use caution while outdoors this weekend as a polar vortex is forecast to continue funneling cold Arctic air into New York through Sunday morning. 

Temperatures are forecast to fall below zero in several upstate locations, with wind chills expected to plummet as low as 30 degrees below zero in the North Country, Mohawk Valley and Capital Region. 

Conditions are expected to last through Sunday morning, when residents in the Adirondacks will wake up to temperatures as low as -15 degrees. Temperatures like these increase the risk of frostbite and hypothermia, as well as potentially causing water main breaks and pipe bursts from exposure to prolonged cold. Additionally, forecasters are also tracking a potential storm system moving up the east coast that could bring several inches of snow to New York, if it does not shift out to sea. 

"New York is in the midst of another wave of extreme cold as climate change increasingly requires us to cope with erratic and severe weather as well as hundred-year storms that happen twice a year," Governor Cuomo said. "While outdoor activities are a staple of winter in New York, this cold has created a really dangerous situation that will continue for the next day or two. During that time, it's critical for New Yorkers to not only be smart but to limit their own household's exposure to the elements."

Friday night, areas in the North Country, Mohawk Valley and Capital Region could see wind chills fall as low as -30 degrees, while other locations across the state may see wind chills drop to -5 to -15 degrees at times.  Wind gusts across the state could reach 25 to 40 mph in some locations, especially in New York City, Long Island, and the Capital Region, further increasing the danger of harsh wind chill effects. On Saturday night, low temperatures will likely remain around or below zero degrees for many upstate locations.