No doubt that any list of the most advanced countries of the world that exclude the United States of America is not one to reckon with. Arguably the world leading country; highly sophisticated, it is a big force in many, if not all, human most important assemblies, discussions, fields, etc. US of A has not this great honor in the comity of nations by accident, it has it for good points. One of them is the kind of leadership the country gets itself even as it provides for other countries of the world in need. Sadly, the 45th POTUS - President of the United States - has clearly shown that he does not measure up to what the usual American President is, in the face of a pandemic that has turned America to a killing field.

President Trump failed to give immediate and adequate recognition to COVID-19. Instead of putting instant focus on keeping Americans safe through best measures, he was initially busy naming and misnaming the disease. It is doubtful that the president has real concerns for America and its people. His administration has failed to provide a good testing system and he has continued to lie about this. Also, much to the shock of anyone who must have seen him ruffle feathers because of America and Americans during the campaign leading to his election as an unpopular president, President Trump asked Americans to wait until April, projecting that the disease would disappear by then. By April, America had no April showers that could bring it Mayflowers.

Uncle Sam has just ended April 2020 as the worst hit, with over 1 000 000 cases of the Coronavirus disease from which there have been more than 60 000 deaths. In fact, as of April 30, USA has lost to SARS-CoV-2 more Americans than it did in the Vietnam war. At the mercy of an indecisive, clueless president, scores of Americans have lost their precious lives to a disease that even less developed countries are doing better at curtailing. The President has failed to harness the American abilities to be its own savior and that of others. Instead, he would rather reveal his shameful thoughts - like recommending people be injected with disinfectants - or replay his old card of blaming the Obama administration.

While it is true that the pandemic has negatively affected economies the world over, just like its painful culling from the country's population, courtesy the business mogul in the White House, COVID-19 has nosedived the American economy. The plummeted economy is one major result of the decisions and indecisions of Trump's administration. US economy shrank at 4.8% in the first quarter of this year, the fastest rate since 2008 (Wall Street Journal, BBC (Business) News). This is another nightmare America currently lives with.

With his maladministration, lack of touch with reality and historical assaults on the reputation, the people and the economy of America, Donald Trump comes out as a sad legacy the US has of a pandemic. He is more than the nexus of the perils of COVID-19, he is what America will wake up to, post-pandemic world, as a trace of the plague.




Taofeek Ogunperi
Columnist, Parkchester Times