Entering a New Decade for Peace December

Entering a New Decade for Peace December


Today starts the second decade of our peacebuilding mission through Peace December movement: we couldn’t have been more committed to this core mission of peaceful coexistence. Please join us wherever you are in the world in welcoming the next 31 days of intensive peace promotions. Let us first peacewalk our peacetalks. Because actions speak louder and more enduring. The beauty of peace promotion is that one doesn’t need any tools to be a peacemaker.  All one needs is a commitment to a peaceful coexistence. We can’t sell nor can we buy enduring peace.

Let us start with ourselves, then with our families, then with our friends, then with our circles, then with our neighborhoods, then with our towns, then with our nations, and then finally becoming the authentic global peacebuilders we’re all should be aspired to. For where there is no peace, there is nothing of use. Thank you!