Late Castle Hill Tenant Association president Roxanne eulogized by daughter

Late Castle Hill Tenant Association president Roxanne eulogized by daughter
The late Ms. Roxanne Reid, Castle Hill Tenants Association President

Beloved Castle Hill Public Housing Tenants Association president and community activist Roxanne Reid who died on January 4, 2021 from COVID-19 pneumonia left a huge void in as far as her community works are concerned.

Reid will forever be remembered by the community in the Castle Hill public housing area of the Bronx as someone who fought for their welfare.

Community Voices Heard Public Housing Campaign, a member led organization that fights for social, economic and racial justice for all acknowledged Roxanne's dedication to her community in its condolence message that read, "We are saddened by the passing of Roxanne Reid aka Roxy, who was a CVH leader. Roxy was a true warrior in fighting for improved conditions in NYCHA buildings. Rest in power Roxy."

The outpouring messages of condolences from community leaders across the Bronx, all pointed to one thing, how passionate Reid was in fighting for her community.

Nobody will miss the beloved community activist more than her family especially the three children she left behind-Donald, Joanne and Tamika Princess. 
In an interview with Parkchester Times, Princess shared with the publication, the kind of a person her mother was and how she hopes her legacy will be carried on.

"She was always happy and heavily involved with the community. She always served in her community. She had connections with everybody in the building. She always made sure that the community voice was heard. She also used to help the teenagers get jobs in the community," Princess said. 

"At one time she was a counsellor a couple of years, working with the children. She helped a lot of people get jobs, she did everything for her community. She genuinely loved people."
Princess believes her mother's genuine love for people in her community should lead to her getting some big recognition.

"Her name should be a lifetime achievement and her legacy should go on for many years because she has done so much. She fought for a lot of things in that community. She had the basketball court in the back re-done. She did the gardening in front of her building," Princess said. 

"My mother was a very remarkable person. She used to work 24/7. People loved her and they're really missing her right now. Life will never be the same again. It is just sad that she passed away but her legacy should continue because she has done so much for her community. She fought for justice, she fought for the rights of people. She did so many things that no other person has ever done."

Princess hopes to carry her mother's legacy forward and is hoping for a short documentary of some sort that will show how dedicated she was to the community.

"I hope to see that her legacy will continue and that her name will be remembered. I would like to see her name keep going like a short documentary or film so that her name will be forever remembered.

"She will go down in history that she will never be forgotten because the work that she did will never go in vain," said Princess.

Asked what she will miss the most from her mother, Princess said, "as a child, I am going to miss the smile on her face. I am going to miss her involvement in helping the people, always involved in the community, helping the people. I am going to miss the love that she had for her children. I will also miss the fact that I won't be able to do her hair, her face. I can only look at the pictures. 

"A piece of my heart is gone. I have a void in my heart. An empty space. I will always miss my mother and her legacy will continue, however, God directs and leads me." 

Donald on the other hand in a message that was posted on Go Fund Me to raise funds for his mother's funeral expenses, said her death was a great loss to the Castle Hill community in the Bronx.

"She was the Castle Hill public housing Tenant Association president and community activist. Most importantly she was a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and loved by many. This is a great loss to the Castle Hill community in the Bronx. My mother helped to fight for people in her community who didn't have a voice," read Donald's message.

Community Board 9 members and leaders that gathered for the Martin Luther King candlelight vigil at the Metropolitan Oval in Parkchester on Monday also paid tribute to Reid.