Let Them Excel: That's the American Way

Let Them Excel: That's the American Way
Let Asian students rise as high as possible without socially engineered obstacles.

Parkchester Times Editorial


Dear Mayor DeBlasio & DOE Officials,

Don’t you dared interfere with Asian students’ well-deserved progress in our education system. They earn their places in these specialized schools. They work hard for their lofty achievements. Their parents make it the top priority for them to excel. In addition to behaving in their classrooms, they also regularly attend tutorial centers when needed. They are very clear on their goals. They avoid personal and environmental choices that can interfere with achieving their educational objectives. They usually come from well-rounded households. They don’t use their parents’ limited language proficiency or immigration status to justify failures or bad behaviors.

For these and other reasons, they deserve our praises and undeterred access to best schools that they qualify to attend. Scapegoating them for their hard fought achievements is un-American at best and discrimination at worst. They have no special genes or treatment. They have plans and work them correctly. After all, this is what America has always been about. Thank you

We can talk more about the solutions to high students’ failures among other students, but that is not the objective that we wanted to convey here. Our objective here is to make sure all students who are ready to excel have the unfettered access to the tools, environments and leadership they need. Thank you!