Mayor Blasio condemns violation of social distancing in Queens

Mayor Blasio condemns violation of social distancing in Queens

The Mayor of New York city, Bill de Blasio, has condemned the violation of social distancing being witnessed in restaurants and clubs in Astoria, Queens.

While expressing his displeasure at the gross violation of the social distancing ordered to prevent the spread of the pandemic, Blasio reacted to the reports that hundreds of people fill one of the busiest thoroughfares in Astoria, Queens, until the early morning hours.

Blasio noted that ‪New Yorkers have made too many sacrifices to fight COVID-19. He stressed that efforts would be made to stop large gatherings in the city. 

"‪We’ll be out in Astoria and across the city tonight to make sure restaurants are doing their part to keep their diners and their workers safe," Blasio said. 

Neighbors living nearby lamented that they watched people acting as if there is no pandemic at all.  

Some neighbors complained that people are not wearing masks and are dancing in the streets.

A neighbor lamented that calls to 3-1-1 and 9-1-1 did not help the situation.

"Every night from about 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. there is fireworks.  I call the cops.  The cops will drive right by," the neighbor said.