My Wishes For The Year 2020

My Wishes For The Year 2020
My Wishes For The Year 2020

You should know that it is an end of year tradition to make wishes, dreams, and plans for the New Year. We do this, hoping the New Year will be more prosperous than the one we are about to say goodbye to.
Many of us make these wishes on our knees in the church with our relatives and brothers in faith. Others make their wishes on dance floors, in night clubs, in strip clubs, or their home with loved ones. I, myself, make my wishes on my knees a few minutes before midnight in my church. But we all have something in common: we make our wish at midnight when the clock welcomes the New Year.
I want to share some of my wishes for the year 2020, with you beforehand.
They are as follows:

1) For Gerson Borrero: To continue writing his column “Bochinche y Más” in a newspaper where everyone can be aware of his incredible knowledge of city and state political dramas.

2) To the Working Families Party and other minority political parties: To overcome the big soccer punch given by Gov. Andrew Cuomo through his elimination of fusion voting. And find a way in which they could get the 50,000 votes needed to survive as a political party. Otherwise, they’ll have to kiss it goodbye.

3) To Michael Bloomberg and all candidates who think they can buy elections with money: to realize that the times of buying New York voter’s conscious are over.

4) To New York City Council Committee Chairpersons and respective members: To once and for all learn how to be on time for a meeting, participants should not have to wait for up to an hour.

5) For Assemblyman Marcos Crespo: That the New Year brings him the motivation and desire to become a candidate for Bronx Borough President as soon the position becomes open.

6) To the residents of New York City Public Housing (NYCHA): That the many years of torture thousands of residents in Public Housing have endured come to an end; especially now that the Public Advocate has revealed his “big” revelation of NYCHA being the worst landlord in New York City.

7) For all those mothers and fathers that have lost their children through violence and firearms: That God brings them strength, console, and many blessings. I also pray their loss not be in vain and we are able to do away with violence and take guns out of the street.

8) To New York City Livery Taxi Drivers: That once and for all, they get the respect and support they need and deserve to continue being one of the most important industries in the city.

9) To all of you, my dear friends, supporters and foes: That this year brings peace, prosperity, health and many blessings to all of you and your loved ones.

10) For myself, in 2020, God grants me the opportunity to become the US Representative of all residents of the 15th Congressional District, and in two (2) years, I am able to change the district from being the poorest one to the most prosperous in the Nation.
I am Councilman Rev. Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.