New York Civics Agenda

New York Civics Agenda
New York Civics Agenda Founders

Dear Fellow New Yorkers,

We would like to invite you to be part of the New York Civics Agenda campaign being formally launched on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, 3-5 pm at the Hub, 149 Street and Third Avenue in Bronx, New York City.  

Bronx political leaders, clergy, community organizers and the media are expected to attend this historic event.

If they can do it in Georgia, we can replicate it in New York. 

New York Civics Agenda campaign includes, among other actions, holding weekly citywide voter registration drives in target neighborhoods with chronic low voter turnout.  This is why we’re launching this campaign within the poorest congressional district in the nation which is also among the districts with the lowest civic participation in the city.  

“Unfortunately most folks in poor neighborhoods of our major cities don’t fully comprehend how intertwined the level of civic participation with the overall quality of their lives is.” Said Sheikh Musa Drammeh, New York Civics Agenda.

To maintain these important civic activities, we will continually be recruiting online and street volunteers and paid outreach individuals.  We also would need to maintain several portable sound systems, folding tables and chairs, bottles of water, lunches, metro cards, badges, T-shirts, promotional handouts, etc.

Since the campaign is for public benefits, we humbly ask for your generous financial support from wherever you are in the nation. Thank you so much in advance!

Contact: or 718-822-5555