NYC Changes Policy on Tree Roots

NYC Changes Policy on Tree Roots
Mayor de Blasio, Speaker Heastie, and Parks Commissioner Silver go over a map with all the city owned trees marked off.


By Robert Press


At the Community Board 12 office Mayor Bill de Blasio was joined by New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, State Senator Jamaal Bailey, Parks Commissioner Mitchel Silver, and CB 12 District Manager George Torres, who introduced Mayor de Blasio.

The mayor took a tour of some streets in CB 12 to see first-hand some of the conditions sidewalks are in due to tree roots uprooting them. The city would send out inspectors, and give the homeowner a summons if the sidewalk was broken. Some homeowners never paid the summons, and could not sell their houses because there was a lien on the home for not paying the summons. 

Mayor de Blasio said that ends today. If a NYC tree breaks your sidewalk NYC will fix your sidewalk for you for free. This however is for homeowners of one, two, or three family houses only. When asked if a person such as the mayor who owns more than one house is eligible, he answered it is for as many one, two or three family houses owned. 

There are about 50,000 open sidewalk violations that will be looked at, and if a NYC tree caused the sidewalk to be broken the city will dismiss the violation and fix the sidewalk free. Any liens by the city will also be dismissed if a city tree was involved. Fourteen million dollars has been set aside this year for this program through Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Heastie. The Parks Department will be responsible for any repairs that the city may have to do.

Community Board 12 District Manager George Torres speaks a little about the sidewalk problem in CB 12 before introducing Mayor de Blasio.
Mayor de Blasio explains his new program with Speaker Heastie and Senator Bailey.

Parks Commissioner Silver explains the how the Parks Department will handle broken sidewalks by NYC trees.