NYC sets to dismiss 22,000 city workers to regain loss in revenues

NYC sets to dismiss 22,000 city workers to regain loss in revenues

The New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has disclosed plan to dismiss about 22,000 city workers in order to regain loss in revenues.

While disclosing this at a conference on Wednesday June 24, 2020, Mayor de Blasio said that as many as 22,000 employees would be dismissed in order to make up for the staggering revenue shortfalls. 

“We have to talk about the last resort. The last resort would be layoffs and furloughs,” he said. 

“The last resort would be the thing I don’t want to do and none of us should want to see happen — taking away the jobs of city workers,” he continued. 

“Who we depend on, and their families depend on them for their livelihood, but we are running out of options here," he added. 

After the outbreak of coronavirus and accompanying economic realities, Blasio decided to reduce his proposed budget for the year from $95 billion to $87.

Blasio added that the revenue loss of around $9 billion would necessitate additional cuts.

“It is really important to understand how tough the situation is. And it’s not going to get better in the short term,” he stated. 

A group called Vocal-NY are demanding a $1 billion cut from the NYPD's nearly $6 billion budget. Vocal-NY says the money should be invested in housing, health care and social services.

The announcement came after weeks of unsuccessful pleas from de Blasio, Gov. Cuomo and leaders around the country to send billions of dollars to bail out localities reeling from the economic effects of coronavirus. To date, President Trump and Senate Republicans have rejected the calls.