NYC Shootings: 19 people injured within 24 hours

NYC Shootings: 19 people injured within 24 hours

The  New York Police Department has begun investigating more than a dozen shootings that took place in less than 24 hours in the New York City. 

While disclosing this on on Saturday June 20, 2020, police stated that more than 19 people had been injured in the shootings.

Data provided by the NYPD revealed that there were six shootings in Bronx, four in Brooklyn, two in Queens, and one in Manhattan.

The NYPD said that it’s investigating 13 separate shootings that occurred within 12 hours at midnight. It also says its officers are investigating Friday’s eight shootings which left at least nine people injured.

Around 11a.m one of the shootings happened in Brooklyn on Milford Street and Blake Avenue in which a 35-year-old man was shot in the neck while he was washing his tires. He later died at Brooksdale Hospital.

About 3:45a.m. a 42-year-old woman who drove herself to the hospital got shot in the leg on Alexander Avenue while she attempted running away from the gunman.

The police department said that most victims were bystanders who were hit by strayed bullets. 

According to the department, victims are of varied ages, oldest being 47 and 16 being the youngest.

In a statement by Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President, it was said the New York City is in crisis which is happening at a time when the city is fighting hard to put an end to violence. 

“This is extremely alarming during a time where we are really pushing to end violence in our city and our communities,” said Adams. 

“To have 19 people shot, 13 shootings, is something we need take extremely seriously,” he warned.