Standing Up For The Constitution

Standing Up For The Constitution
Standing Up For The Constitution Press Conference

New York Political Coalition, a non-partisan political organization, is joining other organizations, political leaders, clergy and concerned citizens in calling for President Trump to patriotically step down. He is unfit to be a commander-in-chief and lacks the basic moral, temperamental and intellectual qualifications to be a president. For the sake our union, we therefore are patriotically asking him to graciously step aside as president now.


It is a high time for citizens to firmly stand up for the Constitution, the union, our nation’s rules of law and its esteemed institutions that have all been relentlessly assaulted by this corrupt and woefully incompetent administration.

Our brave and patriotic soldiers and law enforcement personnel give supreme sacrifices to serve, defend and protect our nation and its vital interests home and abroad. They deserve a Commander-in Chief who reflect their values and commitment.

President Trump is unfit to be in the White House. He is woefully unfit to be the face of this nation home and abroad. He lacks the moral character to be the Commander-in –chief. He is lacking the basic qualifications to represent our nation in the world forums. He does not have the character, dignity, honesty, integrity, decency, leadership, and patriotism to hold the presidency. He is devoid of intellect, truthfulness, discipline, judgment, temperament and nobility to lead. He is neither an ideal role model for our children nor a true representative of our diverse union. As General Collin Powell said, he has selfishly turned our government from “We the people into me the president.”

Although he politically disguised himself as Christian Conservative, President Trump is the exact opposite of the values Jesus Christ embodied and antithetical to his teachings.

This nation has been the beacon light to the world and therefore deserves a commander-in-chief worthy of its lofty position. It is time to end the betrayal, the corruption, the incompetence and the international embarrassment. It is time to reclaim the glorious attributes of this nation before it’s too late. Long Live the Union!


Event: Standing Up for Constitution

Date: Friday, October 25, 2019

Time: 3:00-4:00 PM

Venue: Steps of City Hall

Contact: 718-822-5555

Hashtag: #standingupfortheconstitution