Syeda Naureen wins NY Healthy Lifestyle Campaign Essay Contest

Syeda Naureen wins NY Healthy Lifestyle Campaign Essay Contest
Syeda Nureen Ahmed

Syeda Naureen Ahmed has been announced as the winner of this year’s New York Healthy Lifestyle Campaign Essay Contest sponsored by Muhammed N. Mujumder, the President and founder of Mujumder Foundation, Starling Pharmacy, Bangla Bazaar Association and Realtor Jennifer Onomo.

While disclosing this in an interview with Parkchester Times, the spokesperson for the judges, Ms. Farah Despeignes, the Community Education Council 8 (CEC 8) President, noted that Ahmed deserves the victory because her essay is sophisticated, personal, persuasive and well researched.

“Syeda Naureen had the more sophisticated essay in terms of content and adherence to the conventions of the language. It read more like a research paper. I wanted to hear more of the writer's voice and experience, which was minimal.

“Syeda's essay is an example of a great research paper and not necessarily a good example of a good personal essay or a good persuasive essay. I imagine for the campaign that we are having around healthy living, we should want essays that are a bit more personal and more persuasive,” said Despeignes.

She further announced that Briana Colon and Isabella Beltzer emerged as first and second runner ups respectively.

She said, “Briana had a greater attempt at using her voice, while Isabella's essay showed a genuine understanding of the topic and internalization of the facts with clear voice throughout.”

One of the key founders of the movement, Shiekh Musa Drammeh expressed his gratitude to all the participants and congratulated the three winners of this year’s contest.

Drameh said, “Thank you for participating in this historic and most important campaign for our state today and congratulations to you the winners. You will soon be invited for the awards of recognition by our state legislators – as a way of celebrating our noble achievements. 

He further announced that the three winners have automatically earned ambassadorial position in Lifestyle Lifespan Movement.

“The 1st Place winner, Syeda Naureen Ahmed, in addition to other prize tags, has been awarded New York Healthy Lifestyle campaign Ambassador, while the 2nd Place winner, Briana Colon, and the 3rd Place: Isabella Beltzer have respectively been awarded 1st Vice Ambassador and 2nd Vice Ambassador,” Drammeh added.

On Tuesday, October 1, 2019 on the steps of City Hall in New York, Lifestyle Lifespan, a healthy lifestyle revolution, was formally launched, with a plan to vigorously promote a healthy lifestyle in New York and beyond. Just like public safety, socioeconomic progress is impossible in the absence of public health, the movement is working towards ensuring that healthy lifestyle will be incorporated into all school curricula, public and private. Also, the movement was also set up to ensure its campaign is included in religious sermons and services, becomes a legislative priority for all government levels; namely federal, state and municipality, and ensure entertainment industry is not excluded. Since the number one personal bankruptcy filing is medical bills, initiator of the movement plan to make healthy lifestyle mandatory for all public health funding, as a way of helping to change habits and diets at personal and public level.