The proposed MTA Bus Route Change Will Inconvenient Soundview Residents

The proposed MTA Bus Route Change Will Inconvenient Soundview Residents
Proposed MTA bus route changes.

You should know that while many New Yorkers are still fuming over the crippling subway suspension during July 19th’s evening rush hour on the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and the Grand Central-42nd Street S lines, plans are being made to reduce bus service in our nation’s poorest Congressional district by eliminating nine stops along the BX5 bus route.

It is important for you to know that the people who will be affected by this reduction in bus service on the BX5 include our senior citizens, disabled persons, the residents of Lafayette Estates, NYCHA Castle Hill residents, Soundview area residents going to and from work, children headed to school, as well as moms and dads with baby strollers who will have to walk even further to the nearest bus stop.
These are the following stops that the MTA “geniuses” are proposing to be removed:

Story Ave/Colgate Ave/ North
Story Ave/Evergreen Ave/ South
Story Ave/Nobel Ave / North
Story Ave/Soundview Ave / South
Story Ave/Taylor Ave/ North
Story Ave/Taylor Ave/South
Story Ave/Boynton Ave/ North
Bruckner Blvd /Castle Hill Ave/ North
Bruckner Blvd/Havemeyer Ave/ North

The supposed reasoning behind the removal of these nine stops on the BX5 is to “improve reliability and bus speed on the route.” What nonsense!

MTA’s proposed plan to remove these nine stops is unacceptable! What these plans fail to address is the creation of 435 brand new apartment units directly along the BX5 route. There will be an increased population of nearly 1,200 people who will surely need transportation service, yet the MTA is suggesting the removal of a bus stop directly in front of the new development. This plan also fails to mention to near completion of York Studios, one of the east coast’s largest production studios, also directly along the BX5’s bus route.

With a guaranteed increase in population and ridership, why should my constituents who rely upon the BX5 bus have to be further inconvenienced by the elimination of these bus stops during heat-waves, snowstorms, rainy days or any other days?  

In light of all of the finger-pointing we all saw from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio during Friday’s subway meltdown, I expect him to accept responsibility for any plans by the MTA to reduce BX5 bus service and reverse those plans because our community doesn’t deserve reduction in basic service. The buck stops with you Mr. Mayor.

Mr. Mayor, could it be people in the South Bronx are not as important to you as the affluent folks who live along the L-line? After all, they effectively reversed the decision to reduce the L-line’s service. It is unfair to deny basic municipal service to those who do not have alternatives.

I am Reverend Rubén Díaz, Sr. and this is what you should know.