This Nation is at a Crossroads: We Must all Be Vigilant.

This Nation is at a Crossroads: We Must all Be Vigilant.


Don’t be fooled. It’s not racism or stop and frisk. The ongoing genocide in urban communities is the most racist thing in the nation and only criminals responsible for them are to be blamed. This nation doesn’t need lowering its lofty ideals down to socialism. The reality is Bloomberg saved the lives of people of color and made New York City the safest, and most economically powerful city in the nation, from the ravages of violent crimes and 9/11.

Unfortunately the far left of the Democratic Party is equivalent of the far right of the Republican Party that both posed dangers to the nation. This is why we must stand firm and unite to reject both.

Capitalism with freedoms and personal liberties are what make this nation the greatest in world. We all know improvements to make it a more perfect union is long overdue but socialism must never, ever be a considered solution.

Michael Bloomberg is the only candidate who has excelled in entrepreneurship, good governance and philanthropy. He is the only candidate not beholden to special interests groups or controlled by self-serving partisan mafias. He will be the most independent president and strongest resister to lobbyists. As a global philanthropist, he will work with allies to strengthen NATO and end the global proliferation of terrorism. He will be the most qualified leader to uplift the African-American communities from failing schools, urban genocides and poverty. He has done it home and will nationalize his success.

Mr. Sanders is a millionaire with three homes preaching socialism. He has served this nation well, but he is not a person suitable for the presidency as a ‘Socialist Democrat'. It would be grieve mistake to field him as Democrat's presidential candidate against Trump! Nobody knows what wealthy Elisabeth Warren is: white, black or Native American. Biden is an icon whose retirement is the best for his family and the nation. Pete too has enough years to hone his political craft. Amy will be a good cabinet secretary. Mr. Steyer can be an effective tool to uplift millions of Americans out of poverty.

But only the resilient Mike can make the nation bloom again; I repeat: Only Mike Bloomberg can rescue this nation from Trump's trap. Trump and his allies know this. So don't be fooled!

A vote for prosperous Mikael Bloomberg is a vote for national unity, freedom and prosperity!

Donald Trump must not only be removed from office, but be held accountable for his destruction. Thank you!

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