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NBCI Is Requesting  The Department of Justice to Send  Voter Monitors to the State of  Georgia and Florida—There are  forces aim at Violating African  Americans Civil  Rights

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The National Black Church Initiative

 They are trying to steal these elections

Washington DC – The National Black Church Initiative, a coalition of 34,000 churches representing 15.7 million African American is calling on the United States Justice Department to send voter monitors to the State of Georgia and Florida because of the deep racial overtones of the campaigns. We are afraid that African Americans are being unfairly targeted for violence and voter intimidation in both states.

Rev. Anthony Evans, President of the National Black Church Initiative says “We are sending an emergency letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, US Office on Civil Right requesting voter monitors because the State of Georgia and Florida have not taken the necessary steps to keep African American voters safe from intimidation and violence.

The most compelling reason for calling for voter monitors is the death of two innocence African Americans in Kentucky after a white gunman was refused entry into a black church and the mass murder of 11 Jewish citizens in Pittsburgh over the past two weeks by another white gunman. In addition, the individual who was arrested for sending pipe bombs to well-known Americans. In these incidences, they were targeted because of their religious beliefs, their ethnicity or their politics. All of these are factors are a matter of federal laws and should compel the Justice Department to act to prevent any more violence in this politically charged environment.

We have witness in the State of Georgia a number of actions aim at intimidating black voters like limiting the number polling sites in African Americans communities, purging over 53,000 African American from the voter rolls, application of the state voting laws narrowing applied when it comes to African Americans, using nonprofits who receive state funding to deny African American seniors a ride to polling places and others incidents that underscore the closeness of the election and the deep racial divide and tones. The State of Georgia is behind these tactics.

Likewise in the State of Florida, we have witnessed a massive statewide disinformation campaign directed at blacks votes to confuse them with printed material with the wrong information on polling locations and issues, sowing the seeds of divide though roll boo calls that depict the black candidate as a nigger and a monkey. In addition, white supremacy groups have come out airing there anti-black racial views and calling for violence against the black church.

This is why we need federal help.

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