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Charles Fall, First Generation American of Guinean Immigrants Won NYS Assembly Seat

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By Bukola Shonuga

November 7, 2018

New York (GMPI) – In spite of the downpouring rain on Tuesday, thousands of voters turned out on Staten Island resulting in a big victory for democratic candidates Charles Fall for NYS Assembly 61st district and Max Rose who beat the incumbent Dan Donovan to win Staten Island House seat.

Charles 29, is the first generation American of Guinean immigrants. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Southwestern College in Kansas and a Master’s in Public Administration from Pace University in New York. At a relatively young age, Charles has worked the terrain that led to his victory last night. He had served as Staten Island Representative to the New York City Board of elections, worked on local campaigns, and founded a non-profit for at-risk youth. He was former Staten Island Borough Director for the Mayor of New York City and Chief of Staff to New York City Parks Department.

Charles attributes his inspiration to serve the community to his upbringing, “my parents who migrated from Guinea, showed me that with hard work and perseverance, you can accomplish your dreams.” He added, “unfortunately, that's not the case for too many across Staten Island who face challenges of overcrowded classrooms, unreliable transportation, underfunded education, lack of access to quality healthcare.” Charles’ dad Didier said, “he’s a very kind boy since he was little, always want to help everyone.” One of Charles’ strong supporters, Rose Uscianowski, Transportation Advocate called him a public servant, “a constant champion for Staten Island and a wonderful asset to our burgeoning North Shore community with an innate desire to help others.”

Scores of African immigrants across New York City and mostly from the Parkhill/Stapleton section of Staten Island attended the democratic victory party on Tuesday night, among them was Bobby Gigi Olisa, Charles Fall’s opponent, whom after a long and contentious primaries buried the hatchet and supported Charles to unify the African community and their constituents.

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