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Risking their lives to save hostages from heavily armed suicide by law enforcement terrorists, climbing death-defying bridges in attempts to prevent mentally challenged suicide, rushing to gang and mafia shootouts during the darkness of nights in some of most violent, anti-law enforcement neighborhoods, entering burning buildings to rescue helplessly trapped families, administering life-saving professional techniques to near-death accident victims, guarding night life venues to weed out violent intruders, and the willing to take gunshots while shielding others are few of the daily lives of our angels, our public safety personnel. They do this 24/7 on and out of uniform. We are therefore deeply appreciative of their generous and amazing sacrifices.  THANK YOU! 


Appreciation Walk logistics:

The English Language’s two most powerful words are ‘THANK YOU’ and none deserves them more-so than the men and women who leave their homes and loved ones 24/7 to protect ours 24/7. 

On Tuesday, December 4, 2018, Bronx Community 9 residents, schools, businesses and houses of worship shall join Community Board 9, 43rd Precinct Council, Elected Officials, Adopt-A-Friend, TBS New Direction, New York Political Coalition, I AM MY COMMUNITY, INC., Bangladeshi American Community Council, Muslim Community Report, Al Shaibi Community Center, Peace December, African Union Day Foundation, New York Peace Coalition, Parkchester Jame Masjid, STEMDUP Academy, Islamic Cultural Center of North America, Parkchester Times and their partners and sponsors in hosting their Third Annual National Public Safety Honor Day at 43rd Precinct. 

As in previous two occasions, we’re encouraging all New Yorkers to show love to our brave angels in uniform on that day. ‘THANK YOU’ can be expressed in many ways, including handing flowers/roses, appreciation letters, handshakes, messages of appreciation through media, social media, emails, phone calls, etc…

Let our public safety angels know how much we appreciate their sacrifices and professional services on our behalves. This acknowledgement goes a long way in cementing a greater collaborations for public safety and mutually beneficial working relations.

It is expected other community boards and precinct councils to honor their local public safety establishments likewise. 

Community Board 9’ ‘Appreciation Walk’ starts at 12:00 PM from Parkchester number 6 train station via Whesterchester, Castle Hill and Story Avenues toward the 43rd Precinct. Two stops shall be made to hand ‘thank you roses to the two Fire Engines en route. A ‘thank you” public press conference takes place at the precinct upon arrival.

For schools, groups and individuals planning to participate in the ‘Appreciation Walk’, must register at www.peacedecember.org. Thank you! #thankyou #nyc #nyclove #43rdprecinct #nypd #nyfd #nycemt

Sponsors: Jimmy's Cafe, Rainbow Florist,  Al Shaibi Community Center, and others

For further information about National Public Safety Honor Day, you can call 718-822-5555.

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