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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez The Right Person To Speak Out In Washington

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By Aldo Rafeal Perez

For almost a year Ms. Cortez has grunted many snarls within all legislative bodies in the United States ask yourself why? Rather than research or even consult with her personally we look at minor exchanges of mistakes of public speaking rather than exchanging a more productive dialog to understand the cause of a wide range of issues that she has presented that need change has made many legislators comfortable economically. 

The facts are clear Climate Change, Unemployment, Real Estate Moguls, Legislative Priorities but most of all the years of neglect that our young are to stand beside politicians rather than given the opportunity have been neglected. 

I have had the privilege and honor to have contributed to her voice being heard and introducing her personally to many Bronx constituents within the Bronx Islamic community but most of having the personal experience that her representation of our constituents comes with a genuine heart for change and productive future for all.

While the media, Republicans and political foes stem out to call her a Socialist, Unexperienced and Bear Poker one thing cannot be ignored she is and will continue for years to come be our Democratic Congresswoman in Washington. 

So in the words of a Bronx native " Hold That Down" because we will protect our own …



Aldo Rafael Perez

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