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NYS Senate Majority Pass New York State DREAM Act

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(New York, NY)- Senator Serrano and the Senate Majority Conference today passed the Jose Peralta New York State DREAM Act. The legislation (S.1250) provides educational opportunities for children of immigrant New Yorkers by providing scholarships to college bound students, eliminates potential financial obstacles to obtaining State financial aid, and allows undocumented students and their families to open college savings accounts. The legislation is sponsored by Senator Luis Sepulveda, and was recently renamed in honor of the late Senator Jose Peralta, who championed the legislation for several years.

"America was built by generations of hardworking immigrants who came here seeking a better life. Today, New York's standing as a global center for industry, innovation, and culture is directly linked to its proud history of immigration. My Senate colleagues and I have honored that legacy by ensuring that an entire generation of talent will have the opportunity to obtain a higher education and continue making positive contributions to the country they love.

"As the representative of vibrant immigrant communities in East Harlem and the South Bronx, I have been a longtime advocate for ensuring that all New Yorkers have access to a quality education. However, as the cost of college rises, the American Dream slips further away from people throughout the state. The passing of the Jose Peralta DREAM Act ensures that every student in New York has a real chance at achieving the American Dream, and reaffirms our commitment to a robust, well-educated workforce. At a time when the federal government threatens to build walls, we are building bridges to a better life for countless hardworking students."

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