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The Real State of National Emergency

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Dear Mr. President, American Males, particularly White Males full of hatred and privilege with unfettered access to weapons who have been ceaselessly slaughtering masses of innocent citizens on a daily bases, have been and shall always be the real and authentic state of emergency in this nation, not your idiotic, racist campaign promise of “A beautiful wall that Mexico would pay to build.” 

Mr. President, nobody disputes your duty as president to make sure there are secure borders, but trying to fulfill a bogus campaign promise disguised as National Emergency is unpresidential, illegal and undermines the real threats all Americans faced.

Two years into your presidency should have been enough to help raise your level of integrity, maturity and leadership credentials by now. Obviously it’s not. Stop the global embarrassment. Please be cognizant of fact that the United States of America sets the global moral, freedom and leadership standards. That’s why folks all over the world have been in a state of confusion as to how your candidacy, much less your presidency, was possible. And you have been worsening this confusion every time you open your mouth. 

Your quickness to savagely and falsely attack everyone and anything except Mr. Putin, NRA and KKKs, has brought the White House and the nation to their lowest point in their miraculous history, and your dismantling their world-envy attributes shall be felt for generations to come. By now, you must be aware that history shall not be kind to your unkindness and unfit to be president. 

Real National Emergency: Persistent mass shootings, uptick in violence hate crimes, destructive substance abuse, Global Warming, increased anti-Semitism, and widening socioeconomic gaps are what should have been your top priority and warranted your rightful enactment of National Emergencies Act. Thank you for heeding my patriotic advice. 


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