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As an African immigrant Muslim New Yorker from West Africa, a region where most of the enslaved innocent Africans in the Americas were stolen from, I have every reason to be hateful and vengeful to those whose families had committed the most horrendous human rights violation in the history, the chattel slavery. I also happened to live in New York City where up to date, our schools, neighborhoods and socioeconomic opportunities are still racially segregated. Furthermore, seeing our government hell bent on ceaseless conflicts in the Muslim world with its military might and devilish weapons industry lobbyists since the turn of the century are all the more reason to be as mad as hell. 

With that being said, I also have the opportunity to travel around the world and see for myself the different sociopolitical systems at work, and came to the conclusion of the fact that as sinful as America has been it’s still the best sociopolitical system out there. The system that allows those who prioritize good education, hard-work, honesty and innovation to soar as high as they can soar regardless of their backgrounds. And as a religious person, I am one of those blissful beneficiaries of this noble side of America. I therefore am a firm believer that citizens who leave the country to join its enemy groups and nations whose desires are to inflict harm to American citizens and its justifiable national interests, have forfeited their citizenship rights and are guilty of treason. 


Sheikh Musa Drammeh
CEO, Muslim Media Corporation

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