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2019 Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) World Conference

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Phil Yoo,

It all begins with one thought. We all dream. For some, dreams become a reality. For others, dreams become fleeting thoughts, devoid of power, all because they were never nurtured. At IYF, which stands for International Youth Fellowship, we understand the power of thoughts. We understand that thoughts can have a positive impact on society or wreak havoc. 

What is the Purpose of the PCF?

The PCF will serve as a platform of dialogue for experts in the field of law enforcement and corrections to formulate new solutions regarding the criminal justice system. Both the incarcerated and those who are charged with enforcing the law, need our support. They need a solution. The solution is Mind Education. For too long, we have focused on skill and performance. We have neglected the training of the mind and heart, which is the very thing that will allow our heroes to be leaders in the community who are trusted by the very people that they are called to serve.

What is Mind Education?

Mind Education is a curriculum designed to address the social-emotional and mental health of our law enforcement officials. Given the intensity of the job, it is imperative that the very people who serve our communities, risking their lives on a daily basis, are able to effectively perform their duties.

Meet Dr. Ki Sung Kim. He was a murderer, called one of the worst prisoners of his time, and served 16 years in high-security prison. Through a mentor, whose thoughts were able to cancel out the thoughts that led him to a life that he regretted, he gained new hope in his heart and soon, his life began to change. Through his experiences, he was able to realize why so many of the incarcerated end up back in jail, and much of his Mind Education curricula is based on what he discovered. He has been delivering Mind Education lectures in prisons in many different countries. No longer is he a “murderer.” He is now a change agent, giving life to those who are full of despair. Listen to the life-changing story of the leader of the PCF. He will be in town from March 4th – 8th for the CLF World Conference.


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