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Use every blessing and waste none


And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples, “Gather up the leftover fragments, that nothing may be lost.”  John 6:12


“But waste not by excess: for Allah loveth not the wasters” (Quran 6:141)


Registration Application



First Name: _______ Middle: ________  Last:___________


Gender:  M ___  F___ NC____   Age: ____   


Language: _________________________ Nationality: ____________


Religion: ______________   Height: _____  Weight: _____


Mailing Address:__________________________________


City: ___________   State: ______   Zip Code: _________


Email: _______________________________________


Website: www._______________________________


Mobile Phone: ________________________________ 


Telephone: ___________________________________


  1. Benefactor ___    2.  Bneficiary__    3. Both ___

Blessing (s):

  1. Space.   2. Property.   3. Asset.   4. Securities.  5. Food.   6. Beverage.   7. Technology.   8. Furniture.   9. Vehicle.    10. Clothing.   11. Monetary.   12. Bequeath.   13.  Others.
  2. Professional Blessing:____________________
  3. Artistic Blessing:_________________________
  4. Intellectual Blessing:______________________
  5. Inspirational Blessing_____________________
  6. Other: _________________________________
  7. Frequency of Blessed Contributions:  1. Daily.   2. Weekly.   3. Monthly.   4. Annually.   5. As Needed.
  8. Pick Up _____   Drop Off_____   Mail ______
  9. Responsible for Delivery:  Donor:_______          Recipient: _______             Both: ________
  10. Donations of clothing, bedding and furniture must free from filth, parasites and other contaminants
  11. Targeted Blessed Contribution (Designated Beneficiary):  ___________________________
  12. Generalized Blessed Contribution (General Public): ________________________________
  13. Blessed Time Contribution:  __ Hours in a year.   __ Days in a year.
  14. Blessed Request (s):  For example: space painting, cleanup, repair, equipment, furniture, personnel, etc.



Opportunities do often times disguise as problems, challenges, difficulties or lost. The birth of Parkchester Times and BlessedBlessing. After losing our building along with its 10,000 square feet community center, located on Westchester Avenue in the Parkchester section of the Bronx, we realized the importance of sharing communal resources.  Our space was home to countless programs; meetings/forums; initiatives and community events. The loss was felt by community members who benefitted from its diverse daily activities. The idea of BlessedBlessing, a disposable resource sharing platform, came about after learning about the difficulty many former facilitators of the center were experiencing when attempting to locate free and or affordable venues in the community.

Available spaces that can be used by community organizers for free are in high demand in every neighborhood and we encourage building owners; houses of worship; schools, and community centers among others; to donate unused spaces for not-for profit meetings, forums, and trainings. BlessedBlessing is a non-religious, non-political give-giving exchange service open to all benefactors and beneficiaries globally.

The global wastes of disposable resources have reached an insane level. In our current climate where there is much attention directed towards recycling, refurbishing, and  retrofitting, BlessedBlessing is a tool to help each and every one of us to be proactive in preservation.  Furthermore, BlessedBlessing serves as a centralized humanitarian platform where unused resources are donated and the disposable blessings are exchanged for their maximum utilization by those who may benefit from them. 

Through BlessedBlessing; excesses; unused resources; time and talent can be donated for persons in need, near or far. This sharing of resources helps to build strong human bonds and maximize the use of disposable resources while simultaneously improving the quality of life for all creation. So often there is an extreme concentration of resources in limited hands; albeit it is our belief that money should not determine values. Our motto is that an accumulation of wealth should be the byproduct of a lifelong mission of improving quality of life for all and not solely for the interest of ones’ personal gain.

BlessedBlessing is an initiative of Parkchester Times and monetary donations are managed by Adopt-A-Friend, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) organization.

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