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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the Queen Makeda of New Zealand

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By: Sheikh Musa Drammeh

Friday, March 22, 2019- A week ago, an unspeakable and certainly unexpected tragedy had visited Christchurch, New Zealand. A terrible guest unfortunately too familiar to Americans who have been unable or yet unwilling to end its overstay in their homes, schools, houses of worship, jobsites, theaters, concert halls, and other social venues. This unwelcomed guest that had just visited New Zealand for the first time last week, comes with two attributes: extreme hatred and extremely powerful killing tool.

Unlike Americans and their powerless leaders, New Zealanders and their capable leader showed the world how to deal with such strange guest. The New Zealanders quickly came together to forcefully kicked the extreme hatred out of their peaceful nation while their brave leader took the mental of a true and exemplary leadership of limiting the ability to mass killings immediately. 

Within one week of managing their unexpected tragedy, New Zealand has risen above its status in peaceful and inclusiveness even above its pre-tragedy. For that, New Zealanders and their great young and dynamic leader have demonstrated to the world how to deal with hatred and violence. They have proven themselves to be strong and indivisible nation. They have transformed what would have been their most painful national experience into a national triumph and an international cause for celebration.

They have proven the fact that New Zealand is safe and peaceful because New Zealanders would not tolerate hatred and divisiveness that would lead to perpetual violent extremism in their midst.

So, the terrorist who chose New Zealand, has chosen a wrong place to succeed with hateful objectives. As he (the Masscide) hatefully sprayed bullets on innocent New Zealanders who greeted as him as a brother, he unintentionally triggered the national bombardment of love, unity and sturdier determination to maintain the attributes that made New Zealand what it is, united and unbreakable nation with indiscriminate love and patriotism. 

The despised guest that America has failed to evict for centuries, New Zealand was able to throw out in one week, one exemplary leadership week. 

As victims’ families bury their dead loved ones, they are doing it as prouder New Zealanders whose leader induces undying patriotism while surrounded by neighbors with undying love.   


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