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Lifestyle Lifespan

Consumption. Condition. Continuation


Dear Parkchester Times Readers,

My name is Sheikh Musa Drammeh. I am 57 years old, husband, father of three, religious leader, publisher of Parkchester Times, and a proud resident of the Bronx. However, I am sick and tired of my borough being the unhealthiest county in our state year after year. I am therefore committed to doing something about it. I will help change the lifestyles of my fellow Bronxites through leading by example even at my old age. 

Nature has us all covered. Our bodies are fully equipped for self- protect and nurture. However when we deny them the wholesome foods, natural clean water and physical movements that they are naturally customized with, their inbuilt defensive and nurturing mechanisms are inadvertently rendered dysfunctional.  These days our bodies and minds are held hostage in an unhealthy lifestyles of process foods, sugary drinks, sedentary life and the endless pursuit worldly possessions.

No initiative has yet to benefit more from my community activism, spiritual background and Wall Street expertise than this Lifestyle Lifespan initiative. Because unlike most current healthy lifestyle programs out there laden with high subscriptions fees, food prices and physical activities equipment costs, Lifestyle Lifespan on the other hand is designed to be members’ owned entity that produces and markets the products and services its members use system-wide.

Please see my new Bronx health transformation initiative, Lifestyle Lifespan, below and join the movement.  It’s for people of all ages and genders.

I will be leading a weekly group physical activities 2 hours Live in various iconic spots in the city to motivate my fellow New Yorkers, particularly the Bronxites, into more physical activities and healthier lifestyles. This initiative shall increase longevity, provide better quality of life, and save government and corporations billions of dollars in health related costs. Participants can follow me on Lifestyle Lifespan App.

We are excited to announce our latest addition to the services we provide for you, our readers: LifestyleLifespan.


Lifestyle Lifespan consists of three pillars:

  1. Consumption. What we consume. How we consume. When we consume.
  2. Condition. Physical Activities, Flexible Muscles, Positive Mental Attitude, and a Moral Discipline.
  3. Continuation. Commitment to maintain the two pillars permanently.


Headquartered in the Bronx, New York City, where we’ve been unfortunately rated the unhealthiest county in the state for years and being among the poorest in the nation, we’ve decided to deal head on with this unacceptable reality.

As a media network established to inform and empower our readers, creating a platform in which lifestyle issues can be discussed and helpful information from experts shared, becomes a natural component. Unhealthy lifestyle is the main culprit for the Bronx to be repeatedly rated an unhealthy county.   

Parkchester Times seeks partnership from government agencies and private sector, healthcare experts, celebrities, stakeholders and interested individuals to broaden LifestyleLifespan as a preventive program.

LifestyleLifespan initiative shall facilitate all facets of lifestyle issues in relations to health and wellness for individuals, corporations and community members.  It shall sponsors major forums, competitions, conventions, researches and physical activities including the running of Marathon and others.

And there is no place that needs such initiative more than the Bronx. Through LifestyleLifespan, we will organize healthy related forums: exercise classes, diet and nutritional sessions, home and environmental health practice, personal hygiene, mental and spiritual health discussions, etc…


Lifestyle Lifespan   

Consumption. Condition. Continuation


Sessions consist of the following twenty physical discipline components for physical flexibility and mental strengthen:


  1. 100 Ounces of Water.
  2. 100 Pushups
  3. 100 Sit-ups
  4. 100 Back Cycling
  5. 100 Squats
  6. 100 Jumping Jacks
  7. 100 Punches
  8. 100 Front Kicks
  9. 100 Side Kicks
  10. 100 Back Kicks
  11.  6 Minute Meditation
  12.  6 Minute Stretching
  13.  6 Minute Squatting
  14.  6 Minute Kneeling
  15.  6 Minute Splitting
  16.  6 Minute One Feet Standing
  17.  6 Minute Toes Touching
  18.  6 Minute Spot Running
  19.  6 Minute Legs folding
  20.  6 Minute Testimonial


Lifestyle Lifespan



  1. Live Right
  2. Love Right
  3. Consume Right
  4. Sleep Right
  5. Rest Right
  6. Earn Right
  7. Environment Right
  8. Associate Right
  9. Think Right
  10.  Follow Right


Check list:

  1. Do you live right?
  2. Are sleeping right?
  3. Etc.


Lifestyle Lifespan

Promotions and Recognitions


Triple Cs: Consumption. Condition. Continuation


Master Jackets: Special recognitions of jackets are given to members who are cable of performing these exercises seamlessly. Additional patches can be earned by quitting unhealthy habits, such as stop smoking, drinking, drugs, junk-food, soda, etc., or adopting healthy habits, such as regular exercise, healthy eating, etc.

We will require loose clothing during these sessions for comfort and modesty. These physical exercises are beneficial to people of all ages and genders, especially people who use extended periods of time sitting during the day.

We do not need any particular exercising machines, equipment or venues. All our exercises can be accomplish everywhere, naturally. We will be doing them indoors, outdoors and in parks during suitable weather conditions. We would not permit any performance enhancers, junkfoods, smoking, alcohol, sodas during our sessions.


Please check on the LifestyleLifspan section of www.parkchestertimes.com for the latest information and activity schedules. Thank you!


This is a Copy Right protected property of Lifestyle Lifespan.  No non-member is permitted to copy/use it without written permission from LL.

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