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Dear Facebook Leadership, 

If Mark Zuckerberg cannot be removed from his Founder & Chief Executive Officer position without a due process by the Facebook management, neither should Facebook group founders and Chief Executive Officers.  



As a long time and diehard supporter of Michael Bloomberg, I have created one of the oldest and fastest growing grassroots Facebook groups for likeminded supporters of Michael Bloomberg’s presidential candidacy. It’s called Bloomberg For President. Bloomberg For President is an informative and interactive platform of ‘all things Bloomberg’ social media group. We are proud diehard fans of Mr. Bloomberg. Members of the group are even creating state subgroups in order to maximize our active grassroots promotional reach. We are a conduit directing the public to the official campaign website. In Bloomberg For President group, we share pro-Bloomberg contents and answer questions from new members who have limited knowledge of our candidate’s positions, qualification and political platform. Obviously we want nothing less than celebrating Bloomberg’s victory in 2020.

At Bloomberg For President group, we’re competently proactive in our promotions and professionally reactive to Bloomberg’s oppositions and critics. We are very good with what we’re doing to help elect the best and most suitable candidate for our nation in these challenging times. 

Unfortunately this group’s one-sided political activities may posed a concern for Facebook back-officers, but we are nonetheless legitimate and are operating within the articulated guidelines of Facebook. We do not and will not violate rules of operation knowingly, and if we ever unknowingly violate any rule, we deserve to be notified of it and given time to correct the mistake as leaders of our group. And we believe a due process must be afforded to all social media groups and pages’ administrators in order to avoid disrupting and interrupting their businesses unnecessarily.  

Needless to say, removing me from my group during its momentous growth without a warning, is unfair to our candidate’s campaign as well as the denial of all ‘Bloomberg For President’ members’ access to their group administrator whom they depend on to answer their grassroots questions on time, removing inappropriate contents and trolls immediately, and help direct them to the campaign website for further involvement.

Facebook action is wrong and must be remedied quickly. Social Media platforms like Facebook must not be allowed to treat their non-violator patrons unjustly and with disregard to their active operations. 

As a result of the grievances highlighted above, I demand the following from Facebook:

  1. An apology for unnecessarily interrupted and interfered with my group operation.
  2. Immediate restoration of my Facebook privileges, and
  3. To make necessary policy changes so that this would not happen to others in the future. 

Our Facebook pages and groups are our businesses that do deserve a due process prior to their closure. Thank you!  



Sheikh Musa Drammeh

Founder, Bloomberg For President Facebook group.

Hashtag: #mrbloomberg2020 or #bloombergforpresident

Founded on February, 4, 2014

Phone: 718-822-5555

Email: newyorkpoliticalcoalition@gmail.com

Today’s date: Sunday, December 15, 2019



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