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The Hip Hop Movement Says Big Corporate Record Companies Owe Hip Hop An Apology

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Ron "Bee-Stinger" Savage the son of the Hip Hop Movement says he is  sadden  for the  current state of Hip Hop in this present 20th century, looking-at the violence attached and associated with hip hop over the years by the media with hip hop's new generation this is not what I can imagine that our four founding fathers of Hip Hop (Disco King Mario,  DJ Kool Herc , Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash) laid out for us said Savage. As a young teen going to the hip-hop parties and being amongst the pioneers of hip hop on the different stages with the first family of hip-hop it was a completely different hip hop world than what it is today. When the culture of hip hop first started It was about peace, love and unity i dont see that in todays world of hip hop and it saddens me said Savage.  Don't get me wrong sometimes at the front door of the parties trouble started but it didn't spill over into the party but that's not what I'm talking about when I say the state of hip-hop today, what I'm talkin about is the bang bang Shoot Em Up, glorifying drugs, gangs and calling our women bitches and hoes that is not Hip Hop neither is the negative images that are portrayed in the videos spilling over into real life which has made rappers a target and some have even been killed and suffered a very bad death allegedly due to the gun play behind the persona that some rappers of today want to portrayed to our youth & culture pushed and backed by the record companies , radio and video outlet's to whom have completely disrespected the meaning of Hip Hop Bee-Stinger boldly says. Our fathers of hip-hop gave us something great something that we suppose to enjoy, treasure & take pride in and the corporate music industry has destroyed that by infiltrating and wrestling the culture away from what it was set out to be peace and nonviolence, the music companies replaced it with negativity & destruction . Savage confidently says ; I Ron "Bee-Stinger" Savage as nothing more than just a crate boy from back in the days for the original D.J. Jazzy Jay would like to step up to the forefront and apologize for this state of hip hop and call out the music industry by saying you owe our founding fathers of Hip Hop and the culture an apology. You put these images out there for the greed of money with the reckless disregard for ones life. It is not too late said Savage to get your act together to fix this, as he goes on to say thank god for the Hip Hop Movement & it's core elements that the record companies did not touch or do not own which continues with a strong spine to hold hip hop together and call the record companies  out  by stating the six elements of the hip hop movement; Consciousness Awareness, Civil Rights Awareness, Activism Awareness, Justice, Political Awareness and Community Awareness in music this is whats needed right now said Savage not this self destruction your promoting to our youth today glorifying streetlife as being cool especially in this era of covid-19.  


Hon. Ronald Savage

Founder Hip Hop Movement Brand

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