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Breaking: AOC finally accepts face-to-face debate challenge for congressional election

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Incumbent Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has finally accepted her opponent’s challenge less than 24 hours before the fixed date of the only face-to-face debate organized by Parkchester Times.

A couple of days ago, Candidate Michelle Caruso-Cabrera wrote AOC an open letter challenging her to the face-to-face debate, which obviously gave AOC her congressional ticket a couple of years ago.

The news of her acceptance was received by the organizer in the evening of Tuesday, June 16.  

According to her spokesperson, Lauren Hitt, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided to accept the challenged on the condition that the organizer would ensure that there will be no violation of social distance rules.

“As long as the venue respects the 10 person rule, Congresswomen will be there. She is only concerned about crowded room that violates social distancing rules and jeopardize audience,” said Hitt.

The "Mother of All Debates" in New York is scheduled to take place on June 17 at Golden Palace, 1451 Unionport Road in the Bronx between 7:00-8:30pm. It is obvious that this debate will have a strong impact on the District 14th congressional election. Any candidate who fails to appear will definitely be affected, as constituents strongly believe in the outcome of such an open debate.

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