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Caruso-Cabrera pledges entire salary to local charities if elected

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Congressional candidate, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, has announced her readiness to spend her entire Congressional salary local charity. 

While disclosing this on Wednesday June 17, 2020, Caruso-Cabrera. promised that if elected, she would to donate her entire $174,000 Congressional salary to local charities. 

“I have seen firsthand the challenges our community is experiencing as I’ve met and worked with so many charities and faith groups across the district. I can’t help but want to do more,” said Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

“As Congresswoman, I vow to donate my $174,000 salary back to this community to the charitable organizations that help the working people of the Bronx and Queens.

"I have been fortunate in my personal life, and I want more people to have the same opportunities to succeed as I did," she added. 

She further stressed that   the people of Bronx and Queens are completely dissatisfied with their current representative. 

"We have seen our people turn to local charity organizations for help with food, masks and hand sanitizer, and advice on how to attain unemployment services," said Caruso-Cabrera.

While reiterating her commitment to the working people of the Bronx and Queens, she promised to bring back jobs, improve access to affordable healthcare and provide financial support for those in the community. 

“It’s time to put the working people of the Bronx and Queens first, and that is what I will do Day One in Congress. 

“Unlike AOC, these aren’t just words and empty promises. I will live up to what the people of this district deserve," concluded Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

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