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Fury discloses offer to fight Mike Tyson in exhibition fight

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Tyson Fury, a two-time heavyweight champion, has disclosed that he has been contacted about fighting Mike Tyson in an exhibition fight.

Mike Tyson, 53, the undisputed heavyweight champion is planning a charity return this year.

Eddie Hearn, an English sports promoter though skeptical about the idea, said he has been contacted to promote the event.

While confirming this on Monday May 25, 2020, Fury said, “I did get a phone call with a chance to fight Mike Tyson. I was like, ‘What?’

“Yeah, I had a phone call saying, ‘Would you like to fight Mike Tyson in an exhibition fight?’ I was like, ‘Hell yeah!”

“But I don’t think anything’s materialised out of it to be honest.

“So yeah I think he’s definitely serious about doing some fights or whatever, but he’s fought Holyfield twice so they’re both old now, so I think they’re a bit long in the teeth,” Fury said humorously paring the two men who belong in the same age bracket.

“But who am I to say anything, what anybody’s capable of? After everybody’s unbelievable stories I wouldn’t try and kill anybody’s dreams,” he continued.

“If they’re both fit to fight and medically fit, then let them do what they want to do. It’s their life, not mine.

“If they fight exhibitions, it’s between them and people their own age.

“I wouldn’t like to see Mike fighting one of the top heavyweights because obviously 55 vs 35 or 30 is just not fair.

“But to see him fight someone his old age, an old-timer as well, fantastic, I’d love to see it.

“If he’s definitely serious about it, I’ll buy it on pay-per-view for sure. There’s one buy right here," he added.

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