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African American graduate becomes first female TACAIR pilot in US

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The United States Navy has announced the completion of Nava flight school by a black female, Madeline Swegle, after her return from the final flight which marked the completion of her undergraduate Tactical Air (Strike) pilot training syllabus in Kingsville, Texas, on July 7, 2020

The US navy said that Swegle would be the first Black female Tactical Aircraft pilot once she receives the flight officer insignia – Wings of Gold – later in this month. 

Their tweet reads, "BZ to Lt j. g Madeline Swegle on completing the Tactical Air (strike) aviator syllabus. Swegle is the first known black female TACAIR pilot and will receive her Wings of Gold later this month." 

Madeline hails from Burke, Virginia and she graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2017.

She has been assigned to Redhawks Training Squadron 2 in Texas. 

Madeline's milestone comes more than 45 years after Rosemary Mariner in 1974 became the first woman to fly a tactical fighter jet.

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