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Afro-American Muslim runs largest social media campaign for Bloomberg

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A New York-based Afro-American Muslim, Sheikh Musa Drammeh, has single-handedly set up the largest independent social media campaign platform for Mike Bloomberg, the Democrat Presidential aspirant for 2020 election. This campaign group has gathered over 100 thousand members, state and national platforms combined.

In an exclusive interview with Parkchester Times correspondents, Drammeh claimed that he has been a diehard fan of Mike Bloomberg since Bloomberg emerged the Mayor of New York city.

‘I became a diehard supporter of Mike Bloomberg over two decades ago, when I had first-hand experience of unique unbiased leadership skills, especially when New Yorkers were seriously divided on the basis of religion after September 11 terrorist attack,” said Drammeh.

“Bloomberg came in as a mayor to swiftly eliminate this division among New Yorkers, with simple diplomacy and exceptional all-inclusive open-door leadership styles. It was from that time onward that I realised Bloomberg has got the potential to place this great nation on a greater height. And this is why I set up the largest social media campaign platform called Bloomberg for President, the oldest, largest and fastest growing Fan Club for Bloomberg outside of his official campaign,” Drammeh added.

In one of his messages to members of Bloomberg for President on Facebook hashtagged #bloombergforpresident, while disclosing that the campaign actually started 6 years ago, Drammeh said that one of his primary reasons for supporting Bloomberg is his uncompromising support for environmental issues like climate change.

“We started this group with a green flag to pay homage to Mr. Bloomberg’s prudent and huge investments in Clean Energy and the protection of our natural environment, among others. Now that this group has gone nationwide with this symbolic honor through its states’ subgroups, we’re celebrating the group’s six year anniversary by directing our focus to the White House, a home to Bloomberg’s family in 2021,” he noted.

“Our mission is to build at least a ‘Million Movement’ to support Bloomberg’s candidacy and to continue promoting his ideals after the elections, which obviously requires strenuous efforts like ours. But we’ll get it done, as he always gets it done!” he further reiterated.

“We’re in it together until the inauguration and beyond so don’t be shy to chime in,” Drammeh concluded.

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