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Monica Haque appointed brand ambassador for skincare company

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Monica Haque the diva has become the Brand Ambassador of a skin care company in the City of New York called On The Red Carpet Skincare.

According to a statement, Melissa D. Gordon the timeless beauty is the founder of this Skincare Company said Hague was officially declared brand ambassador on January 5,2021.

Gordon, who is also the owner of a television station which is also called On the red carpet tv station and also a licensed cosmetologist said that the commercial of the skincare will be held soon in the spring coming up and will feature Haque.

"Monica Haque the fashionable diva has simple yet elegant style. She knows the best ways to style the simplest of the casual looks with denims, t-shirts, pants and more in the most voguish manner. She loves to put on some heavy oxidized statement jewelry, especially with her suit pieces and other ethnic wear," reads the statement.

"This true fashionista likes to keep it comfortable when is around the waters, be it a long full length one, she carries it with her utter confidence. Be it on some special occasions or any casual evenings, Monica has got her way to get all dressed up in floor length dresses. Ethnic is something that Monica Haque knows her way through in the best way possible. 

"She can sport the soberest to the most vibrant of the ethnic outfits in the most snappy way."

According to the company manager, in a press statement, aesthetic and stylish is what comes to the mind when Haque dons all white outfits gracefully.

"Monica Haque looks like a true vintage relaxed beauty in the perfectly sophisticated sarees. She was looking ravishingly gorgeous with light pink heavy mirror resembling saree at her new year pictures on the snow at her social media account in the City of NewYork," read the statement.

"This diva doesn’t shy to flaunt her swag when it comes to fashion. WHY? The answer is right here, when your skin is beautiful you are confident. That's what we tried explaining above."

The statement reads that Haque started using the skincare product last year and the results includes; beautiful skin and beautiful confidence.

"Now let’s see what contains to this Natural Skincare product. First of all you have to use the Cleansing Lotion which is a combination of sericin and prickly ash bark help to calm and soothe stressed skin, leaving it feeling moisturized, soothed and rejuvenated," read a statement. 

"Second of all you have to use Aha Seven Fruit Amidroxy Exfoliator which concentrates a special blend of natural fruits. Third of all you have to use Vitamin E and Vitamin A Super Oxidant luxurious rich serum which is easily absorbed into the skin, providing the ultimate degree of nourishment and leaves the skin feeling VELVETY SMOOTH & SILKY Soft. 

Forth of all Liposome C & E serum. Fifth of all G-Cell serum which assists in wrinkles reduction, boosts skin metabolism. Activates stem cells from grapes impart powerful anti-oxi-dants into the skin. 

Sixth of all, On The Red Carpet Skincare has Platinum Peptide Eye Complex which is a rich fragrance free treatment that includes Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 and Hexapeptid-10. 

This cream is specially formulated for the delicate eye and mouth area to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Seventh of all this skincare product has Moisture Maintenance which relieves dryness and redness.

We have to understand the value of having healthy, glowing skin, being in front of the camera and in front of the people." 

In an interview The Parkchester Times asked Haque about the thoughts of the current vaccination of Covid-19 and she expressed her delight and conveyed her gratitude and excitement.

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