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NYC Hospitality Alliance expresses satisfaction with SLA issuance of temporary liquor permit

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Moses Kuwema

The New York City Hospitality Alliance has expressed it's happiness that the idea they have been advocating for, of allowing the State Liquor Authority (SLA) to issue temporary liquor permits to new applicant restaurants and bars, has been included in this year's proposed executive budget.

In a statement, NYC Hospitality Alliance stated that the proposed move would just be like the way the law allowed the SLA to do for new applicants elsewhere in New York State. 

"This policy will make a huge difference for people looking to invest in NYC and open new restaurants and bars by reducing the time it takes to begin legally serving alcohol from 4-7 months from the time of filing with SLA, to closer to 30 days from the time of filing with SLA. It will help get closed storefront businesses open and employees back to work much quicker.

"Once this crisis is over, we will need to do whatever we can to help new businesses to open and they cannot afford to be waiting months for a liquor license. That is the purpose of the Temporary License in the current law and we simply seek consistency for New York City businesses with the rest of the state. The SLA would retain its enforcement power, thus eliminating any potential for harm because of this proposal, while providing the hospitality industry with a vital tool to aid in its recovery. There’s clearly so many more policies we must continue to fight for but this is one policy that will help rebuild our decimated industry," read the statement.

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