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Parkchester residents cry out for help as elevator stops working, threaten legal charges

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Residents of 2130 East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx have so far lodge 34 complaints to the NYC Department of Buildings since the only elevator in the 6-storey building started developing faults in June 2015. Unfortunately, NYCDB had done nothing tangible to permanently fix this problem, despite unrelenting complaints from the residents, includings physically challenged ones.

In an interview with some residents of the building, Parkchester Times gathered that having realized that the elevator was beyond repair, the management of NYCDB who had initially promised to replace the elevator failed to rescue the residents from this pathetic living condition.  

“Our building has only one elevator and it’s constantly breaking down in the past and residents in the building reached out to the board of directors and they basically said they will look into replacing the elevator. However, it keeps breaking down and there are a number of disabled and elderly people in this building. I was wondering if you want to do a new story on this building,” one of the residents who claimed anonymity said.

“A resident had to be carried up the stairs by the fire department back in August because the elevator went out when she was out for an appointment,” the resident added.

Here is the link to the complaints made on the same elevator issue since 2015: http://a810-bisweb.nyc.gov/bisweb/ComplaintsByAddressServlet?requestid=1&allbin=2096710 

According to our findings, the malfunctioning condition of the elevator became worse in 2019, experiencing weekly or, at most, a couple of weeks breakdown. In addition to this, the NYC Department of Buildings also failed in its duty to ensure the building and its environs are regularly cleaned for the safety of the residents.

“I paid close to a quarter of a million for my apartment, and nearly 1k a month in maintenance. This is something I expect from NYCHA, not from a condo.

“Our floors in our hall haven’t been mopped nor polished since July 2020 as well. Also, someone dumped discarded furniture out front of the building and it took management 3 days to clean it up dispute plenty of complaints to management. The stuff has been in front of main entrance for days,” a condo owner in the building lamented.

The condo management and the board of managers of the condo are neglectful,” he added.

It has therefore reached a stage that the residents have decided to opt for legal charges against NYCDB management if nothing tangible is done to permanently solve these problems.

“We are fed up and people in the building are discussing obtaining an attorney," the resident concluded. 

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