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Assemblyman Ron Kim Uses Allegations against Andrew Cuomo for Political Gain

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Assemblyman Ron Kim’s is exploiting the circumstances surrounding Andrew Cuomo for his own political gain. He is prostituting the allegations made against Cuomo to the hilt, and it is patronizing that he thinks others are incapable of seeing through his facade. This is simply an unsavory display of Kim, and a testimony to his lack of character.

During a memorial service in Brooklyn to honor those who died from Covid in nursing homes; Ron Kim took the opportunity to bash Andrew Cuomo while speaking to the crowd. The political comments he made had no place in such a service, and quite frankly was something Donald Trump would do. It was a new low and a vile, cheap shot. When Ron Kim runs in 2022, and he will, I hope everyone connects the dots and see this “Cuomo thing” is really about his own desires.

Kim’s portrayal of being a victim is despicable. He blamed Andrew Cuomo for the death of his uncle in a nursing home, when he should be blaming himself and Donald Trump. He had the money, a nice home, a good job, and the means to have taken his uncle in. When you love someone, you find and make a way. Thousands of people with far less means have done so. At the memorial service, Kim said, “Together we will get to the truth,” in his effort to implicate Cuomo. Well, here is the truth – Ron Kim had the means to take care of his uncle, but chose not to.  

Kim continued to prostitute the memorial service, by mentioning the phone call he received from Governor Cuomo. He claimed he was threatened. It was highly inappropriate and disrespectful for Kim to bring this up during the service. Many people present realize the blame resides with Donald Trump and his administration; but it would have been just as inappropriate to bring that up as well. For Kim this was not about the nursing home deaths at all, or his uncle – it is about his future political ambitions.

Assemblyman Ron Kim is like a parasite, ready to pupate on anything with the possibility to stick it to Cuomo and ride it out through it’s’ fruition. Every chance he gets, Kim runs Cuomo into the ground at nauseam. Every time a negative situation or circumstance pops up, Kim, like his friend Lindsey Boylan, jump on the bandwagon and start Cuomo bashing immediately. If  a story breaks, in a few hours the two are out there through some means drawing attention to it. They are obsessed with destroying Andrew Cuomo, and believe me it is personal.

For both Kim and Boylan, it is all about their political desires. Not nursing homes, not sexual harassment, not taxing the rich; it is about their political ambitions. Kim’s desire is to run for governor in 2022, and Boylan’s is running currently for Manhattan Borough Chief. By the way, I have a strong suspicion Boylan was not happy when Cuomo chose Melissa DeRosa as Secretary of State. Both Kim and Boylan will stop at nothing to get their way, even if it means taking down as many lives possible with them.  

The origin of Ron Kim’s hatred towards Cuomo can be traced back to approximately five years ago, when the governor established protections for nail salon workers and signed it into law. Many salon owners were upset over the provisions the law granted for their employees, and Kim basically sided with the owners. Nail salon owners began funneling tens of thousands of dollars into Kim’s political campaign according to a New York Times article in November 2015. This became a major point of contention between Kim and Cuomo.

This past week, Ron Kim made a reprehensible comment about Melissa DeRosa volunteering to help Cuomo with his recent book. His statement is as follows; “You are the top aide to the governor,” “When you are telling people that you are spending every minute of your time, and you’re going to bed crying and making phone calls to people who lost loved ones, that was clearly not the case if she had all this time to sit there and edit and write a book.”

He denied her statements in a most cruel and malicious manner implicating she lied about how the coronavirus pandemic impacted her personally. Melissa DeRosa had previously stated at night she usually went to bed crying during the height of the pandemic. She also said she made phone calls to those who lost loved ones, and stated how extremely difficult it was for her. Ron Kim’s response to her statements was simply evil and vindictive.

I guess Kim believes a woman who doing a good job in state government is incapable of having a heart at the same time. Melissa DeRosa is not a one dimensional being, and is capable of multi-tasking at work, at home, and while being in possession of her emotions. Ron Kim is far more concerned about destroying Cuomo than he is worried about the increasing number of racist attacks against Asian- Americans. Like I said before, Captain Ahab has to hunt his whale.

Ron Kim does not care about anyone other than himself. When you have someone consumed with hate and who is deliberately exploiting the misery of another person, it is a safe bet such a person does not belong in any leadership position. Ron Kim is as disingenuous as they come. Kim will go to ends of the earth to destroy Andrew Cuomo; it has become his life mission, second of course, to being governor in 2022.



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Jamie Wilcox

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