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Saudi bans importation of fruits, vegetables from Lebanon

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Saudi Arabia has announced stoppage of importation of fruits and vegetables from Lebanon due to drug smuggling concerns. 

This was disclosed in a statement released by the Saudi Press Agency on Friday April 23, 2021.

According to the statement, the Kingdom took the decision in line with its laws and international agreements to combat drugs smuggling in all of its forms.

"Saudi authorities have noticed increased drug smuggling activity targeting the Kingdom from Lebanon or the transit of goods through Lebanese territories," the statement reads. 

It adds, "Lebanese products are being used to smuggle drugs into the Kingdom or through its transit points to neighboring countries." 

The statement says that Lebanese authorities have been repeatedly urged to curb such activity, but to no avail.

Saudi authorities are therefore forced to ban the import and transit of Lebanese fruits and vegetables as of Sunday and “until the concerned Lebanese authorities provide the sufficient and trusted guarantees to stop the systematic smuggling operations against the Kingdom.”

The Interior Ministry, with the concerned authorities, will continue to monitor other shipments arriving from Lebanon.

It vowed that it will continue to crack down on drug abuse, whether from Lebanon or other countries.

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