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Amid COVID Crisis, Five Tons Of Oxygen Concentrators Dispatched From New York To India

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The US is deploying raw materials for COVID-19 vaccines, required medicine, and ventilators to India amid a COVID outbreak there

As the country fights the COVID second wave and world leaders extend their support, over three hundred oxygen concentrators have been dispatched on Sunday morning from New York to India, according to a Government of India official based in the United States.

Air India's A102 is transporting five tonnes (5000kg) of oxygen concentrators as cargo from the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. The equipments from New York will be in Delhi by Monday noon after almost 15 hrs of non-stop traveling in wide-bodied passenger aircraft.

"Besides the shipment from Philips Atlanta, extra flights carrying oxygen concentrators will be deployed from San Francisco and Newark to transport hundreds of concentrators. Another flight from US to India is scheduled to take off on April 27," added Indian Government officials in US. 

According to the Indian officials based in US, requests and inquires are coming from US donors to also deploy medical supplies like oxymeters apart from oxygen concentrators as well. The Indian American community and NGOs are enquiring regarding logistics needed in these difficult times. 

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On Sunday, US President Joe Biden said that the country is determined to help India in these times. He also tweeted recalling how India 'sent assistance to the United Nations' when the COVID wave hit the country.

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US deputy secretary, Wendy Sharman said that the country will provide raw materials for COVID-19 vaccines. On Sunday, taking to Twitter, Sherman added that US stands in solidarity with India in this difficult time. She also mentioned that the US is working closely with India to assist with necessary equipments.  

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Diplomatic discussions between Ajit Doval and US counterpart

The announcement from US came after India's National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval spoke to his counterpart Jake Sullivan. The US diplomat expressed his deep concern and sympathy for people of India dealing with deadly situation of COVID-19. 

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US also stated that the country has figured out supplies of medicines and required diagnostic test kits, ventilators, Personal Protect Equipment (PPE) that will be immediately deployed to India for the people and front line health workers.

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