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African American Muslim grassroots leaders reject attacks on Eric Adams by few NY Muslim leaders, declare unwavering support

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The African American Muslim leaders have declared unwavering support for the New York mayoral candidate, Eric Adams. 

While expressing their expressing their support in statement on Friday May 21, 2021, the Muslim leaders, however, rejected the attacks against Adams by a few New York Muslim leaders, who withdrew an already announced endorsement without a broad consultation.

"This past Eidul-Fitr eve, we were informed of the decision of some Muslim leaders and activists to withdraw their endorsement issued under the umbrella of NY Muslim Action Network, of Eric Adams for Mayor 2021," the statement reads. 

It adds, "As grassroots leaders we were not part of any meeting with representatives of the candidate held prior to withdrawal of the endorsement, nor were we consulted on the agenda or talking points for any such meeting. 

"We respect the right of those who participated in that shura (consultation) to make a decision.  Nonetheless we are not bound by it." 

The leaders maintained that as Muslims they share "the moral outrage of many at both the recent and ongoing manifestations of the oppression of the Palestinian people, and indeed of all people including our own". 

"As Muslim Americans of African descent who are NYC grassroots leaders, seasoned not only as activists but leaders of congregations, we assert our right to speak and act for ourselves on behalf of those men, women, young people and children whom we represent," the Muslim leaders said in the statement. 
They asserted that prior to the endorsement of any mayoral candidate, they evaluate them all based upon their relationship or lack thereof with the community as both Muslims and African Americans

They stated further that they evaluate the candidates' respective stances on a variety of issues and concerns impacting the underserved communities as well as the entire city. 

According to the Muslim leaders, they also evaluate their judgment of the candidates’ character, capacity and commitment to their stated positions.

"Based upon these factors, we maintain our endorsement of Eric Adams for NYC Mayor," the statement concluded.

Eric Adams was recently endorsed by the Muslim Media Cooperation, New York. According the Chief Executive Officer, Mutiu Olawuyi, MMC still maintains its endorsement.

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