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New York enacts gun control laws to protect communities

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New York Governor Kathy Hochul has joined New York leaders to sign a legislative package aimed at strengthening the state’s gun laws and protect people from gun violence.

While disclosing this on Tuesday June 7, 2022, the law will prohibit the sale of semiautomatic weapons to those under 21 and ban most body armor sales for civilians.

The bills come after a rash of mass shootings, including a racially motivated shooting that killed 10 in a Buffalo, New York, supermarket, have put increased pressure on politicians to consider bipartisan gun reform.

“Across the country, gun violence is wreaking havoc on our communities, and New York is not going to wait for another tragedy to step up and act,” said Hochul.

She added, “I’m proud to join New York leaders to enact nation-leading, common sense gun laws that will protect our communities.

“As we saw in Buffalo, Charleston, Pittsburgh, our work must go beyond regulating guns.”

“Today, my office has new authority to study and address the social media companies that provide an unchecked platform for dangerous and hate-filled ideas to spread.

“New York will always lead, and my office will defend these life-saving laws against all challenges,” she concluded.

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