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Confidence in US Institutions Down — but US is Not

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A recent survey released by Gallup analytics firm has found that the average level of confidence in US institutions among Americans is “at a new low,” and getting even lower. The alarming results show that 62 percent have little or no confidence in the medical system, 69 percent have little or no confidence in the Church, more than 70 percent have little to no confidence in public schools, 75 percent mistrust the US Supreme Court, even more mistrust the presidency, nearly 90 percent mistrust the media, and at the very bottom: Congress, garnering the mistrust of no less than 93 percent of the American people. A similar survey, by the way, conducted by the prestigious Pew Research Center, has found similar results, as well as emphasized President Biden’s low, and dropping approval rate.

When someone feels this way about one’s country, there is little you can say to that person. I believe in the accuracy of the findings, and I can only accept that this is how Americans truly feel.

However, I would say that we need to look beyond America and see what is going on elsewhere. I do not deny the problems that American society and American institutions face, but compared to where many other countries stand, America is in a good position.

I see other countries in freefall. In fact, the whole world is on a downward trend, and so the US is only part of a global slump.

Nevertheless, compared to the rest of the world, it is better off than most. Even with the high inflation, I do not think that America is worse off economically than even the countries that are regarded as the strongest, such as China and other East Asian countries.

People like to ridicule America and point the finger at it, but they forget that it is precisely its diversity and democratic tradition that keep it out of danger. As I see it, it is too soon to wish America to RIP.

Another point in favor of America is its flexibility. It is not Russia or China, where it is difficult to change things. Its judicial system, with the relative independence given to the different states, allows the US to adapt and adjust itself to changing circumstances. Therefore, despite the confusion currently engulfing much of American society, I have faith that it will come out of it, and come out strong.

From my perspective, America’s strongest point is its democratic vigor. While politics is very far from me, I do think that we can look at how America absorbs and tolerates so much, yet builds itself and changes itself according to the changing events around the world.

It can do this precisely because it is a democracy, because it senses the will of the people and builds itself accordingly.

In conclusion, despite the current slump, I think America’s resilience will help it through the decline. Those who cry out “Wolf!” cry out because they know there is no wolf, and when the dust settles on the upheavals and the false alarms, America will still be standing strong.

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