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Lawsuit filed to halt hundreds of millions in NYC school budget cuts

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A lawsuit has been filed to halt hundreds of millions in New York City schools budget cuts.

Two New York City parents and two teachers have filed a lawsuit Monday seeking to overturn the City Council’s approval of the city budget, which cut hundreds of millions of dollars from school budgets for this upcoming academic year

The lawsuit, filed against New York City, the education department, and schools Chancellor David Banks, claims that city officials failed to follow the proper protocols before elected officials voted on the final budget, which took effect July 1.

They are asking for a court to invalidate the adopted budget and require the City Council to reconsider and vote again.

While they await a hearing and a final decision, the plaintiffs also want a temporary restraining order on implementation of the budget cuts, and city schools funded at the same levels as last fiscal year.

If allowed to vote again, it’s likely the City Council would push to reverse the cuts.

Jonah Allon, a spokesperson for Mayor Eric Adams, said the administration increased its portion for the education department’s budget for this fiscal year.

Overall, however, there is less money because of declining federal stimulus aid.

“While enrollment in public schools dropped, the city has maintained the unprecedented commitment to keep every school from every ZIP code at 100% of Fair Student Funding,” Allon said in a statement.

Fair Student Funding is the formula that funds the bulk of school budgets.

“We are reviewing the lawsuit,” he added.


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