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Mayor Adams calls for volunteers to assist New Yorkers experiencing homelessness

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The New York Mayor, Eric Adams, has, through the Street Homeless Advocacy Project, called on volunteers to assist fellow New Yorkers experiencing homelessness.

While disclosing this on Wednesday July 20, 2022, Mayor Adams, stated that the SHAP allows New Yorkers to help their fellow New Yorkers experiencing homelessness.

According Adams, volunteers will receive training on how to engage and build trust with homeless individuals.

“Diverse teams will be assigned to specific areas. Volunteers will offer services that range from housing options to mental health and substance abuse programs,” Adams said.

He added, “You can still call 311 to file a report about a homeless individual in need. This is how we take another important step forward at helping our unhoused New Yorkers.”

Reacting, a New Yorker, Gloria Lynne Collazo, stated that New Yorkers are experiencing homelessness because they are poorly paid.

“Volunteers? Pay people for the jobs they’re doing and pay them right…Literally more and more NYers are nearing homelessness because they’re underpaid and the rents here are exorbitant,” Collazo said.

Another New Yorker, Helen Arlene Testamark expressed fear that she might become homeless while helping homeless New Yorkers.

She said, “I would help to fix the Homeless problem we have but I need to be paid because Helping those who are homeless isn’t a easy task and I need some help myself so I don’t become homeless.”

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