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Saudi: Individuals allowed to import items only in small quantities — ZATCA

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The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) revealed that individuals are allowed to import goods of a personal nature in small quantities and not allowed quantities that are meant for commercial purposes.

ZATCA noted that the extent of quantity that an individual is allowed to import will be determined by the concerned customs inspector at the port.

The authority indicated that people can have the information about the procedures and details of customs fees that will be imposed on imported goods through checking the following link: https://zatca.gov.sa/en/RulesRegulations/Taxes/Pages/Integrated-Tarrifs.aspx

ZATCA’s clarification came in response to queries by a person about the extent to which a commercial registry is required to import goods from abroad.

It is worth mentioning that the regulations for importing goods and personal items fall under several categories, most notably:

The owner of the imported shipment for personal purpose must present his identity card, passport or residency permit (iqama) to complete the customs process.

The owner of the imported shipment must translate the invoices and documents into Arabic.

It is not permissible to import goods that are prohibited internationally or locally, or that are subject to international agreements and treaties in force and local regulations.

In addition, counterfeit and fraudulent goods, or those that are in violation of approved specifications or intellectual property rights, are also prohibited.

ZATCA noted that the documents that must be attached with the customs declaration are: the detailed original invoice, the original certificate of origin (CO), in addition to the delivery authorization and the bill of lading.

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