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Police in NYC seize trucks being used to sell cannabis

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Mayor Eric Adams has said selling marijuana on the streets is “not acceptable” two days after the NYPD took 19 “illegal” cannabis trucks off city streets.

“This is not going to be a city where we snub our noses and break the law,” Adams said at a press conference on Thursday. “This is not acceptable.”

On Tuesday, the NYPD Chief of Patrol announced on Twitter that 19 vehicles without permits were seized from city streets on Tuesday following complaints from community members.

​The confiscation of those vehicles came during the same week Weed World said that three of its vehicles were towed while it paid parking fines, the company said in a statement. Weed World added it has paid more than $200,000 of fines owned to the city.

“Those illegal trucks should not be on our streets selling marijuana and hurting our business history,” Adams said. “They are not paying taxes. They are using up our services without paying taxes, which is hurting our legal businesses.”

Police said in a statement that during the adjudication of the summons, the owner of the cannabis vehicles can petition to have them returned.

In June, NY1 reported that Weed World had many of its parked campers towed overnight from West 45th and 46th streets near 12th Avenue.

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